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Yuri Kuma Arashi (2015) | 10 bit | BD 720p [Ankular]

  • Far off in space, the asteroid Kumaria blew up, sending bits and pieces to rain down on Earth. For reasons unknown, this causes all the bears (kuma in Japanese) to simultaneously rise up and begin attacking humans. Finally, a giant Wall of Severance was built to divide them from each other and end their ceaseless war and hatred.

    In the human world, at Wuthering Heights Academy, Kureha and Sumika are friends who have fallen in love. When they find a lily blooming in their favourite flower bed, their eyes meet… and all at once the Bear Alarm starts ringing, signalling that the human world is under attack.

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    Encode Info

    Video: 720p 10-bit x264 @ CRF 24 | Audio: Japanese 2 Channel AAC
    Subtitles: English Softsubbed | Avg file size: ~131 MB / Ep.
    Subs: Ankular (Asenshi default subs, Watashi also available)| Encoded by: ziggy


    Episodes 01-12 (1.54 GB): DDL | torrent

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    • Boru

      Oh my goodness, you’re the man ziggy! Love all of Kunihiko Ikuhara’s works.

      Keep them coming with those releases! 😀

    • Josh Breese (Deaf)

      @ziggy, is there difference between TV and BD of this lovely anime?

      • ziggy

        I don’t know, I’ve only seen the BD’s.

        • Josh Breese (Deaf)

          OK, I downloading it anyway. 🙂

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