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Yowamushi Pedal: Grande Road (Season 2) | 10bit | 720p [Commie]

Second season of Yowamushi Pedal series.


Encode Info

Video: 720p 10-bit x264 @ CRF 24 | Audio: Japanese 2 Channel AAC
Subtitles: English Softsubbed | Avg file size: ~ 200 MB / Ep.
Fansub: Commie | Encoded by: fOOt


Episodes – 01-24 – (5.48 GB): Torrent

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About the Author

Known for his quick thinking, perfectionist attitude and focussed attention. He has been enjoying Japanese anime for the past several years and happily spends his days & nights whilst engaging in this beautiful task. His solitary existence is enchanted by frequently consuming cherry pies.

  • Hans

    I think its a nice idea to do do 10bit encodes for subs from groups that don’t have one. But could you remove the source out of the torrent and just write it in the description on tokytosho? Because its a bit of a hassle to filter your releases out of the rss to torrent the normal release.

    • Sometimes we swap fansubs in between the season for various reasons and it gives us an idea about what episode uses what fansub….however, we might consider changing our naming method from the next season…
      Thanks for your query.

  • Excelion Buster

    please fix episodes 101~106
    audio sync problem

    • i will do but cant promise how much time it might take…

      • Excelion Buster

        Thanks ^_^

  • torrent to follow in next couple of hours…

  • Leon

    Please atleast Give credit to Side since you are Posting their Encodes i.e [Episode 1 – 175] —> they have encoded these anime not you.

    • lol if i had to steal credits i think i am smart enough to change the file names, not doing that was my way of giving the credit to the original team/encoders.
      I think its stupid to re-encode 175 episodes when its already been done especially in the cases where it cant be done any better….

      • Leon

        Don’t Be smart You changed the name of hunter X hunter Anime and didn’t give any credit….. Please Don’t lie I hate liers.

  • Nirvana

    the download links aren’t working?

    • what download links?

      • lambchopz

        That was probably when the adfly servers went down?

  • Oryan

    Having Issues downloading Episodes 9 & 18 Can you update torrent download links please?

    • i will update all torrents within 24 hours….do use our DDL links when torrent seeds arent available.

  • you see the problem with episode 9 is not that there are no seeds. The link for the torrent thingy isn’t working.

    • We have the DDL option as well that should be used in these cases. Though i am updating our seedbox at present.

  • Lizette

    i can’t download the ddl file of episode 9 every time i do my anti-virus says it was a suspicious file so the download always fail… please help thank you

    • Tusfile link is still working for that, make sure you uncheck
      “Use our download manager and get recommended downloads”
      At the bottom of the download page and then click on the GREEN box that has the file name on it…..

  • Kapre Ferrero

    Cant download S2 Epi 19 and 20.. Says file is not available. I will try again tomorrow up to the last. Im trying to follow this one since I obtain a copy of Season 1 and S2 up to epi 18 from my brother.

    • I am gonna do a batch of them all at episode 50.

  • StormZ

    Can someone please reupload Fairy Tail 2014 episode 1. Please and thank you.

    • ddl link updated

  • Chuck


    • Use the DDL, or the batch torrent to get the specific download….u r more likely to get seeds through that.

  • Tenrouju

    Could somebody please reupload the DDL links for Fairy Tail S2 episodes 02-10? Thank you!

    • have you tried all the hosts in them?

      • Tenrouju

        Yes, all of the links seem to be expired or deleted. The host sites are different from episode 11 onwards, and as for those, at least SolidFiles is still working just fine. I really appreciate your efforts, thank you very much.

  • razi latiff

    hai sorry bother.. can someone upload back for DDL.. i hope someone can help me. please.. tq in advance.. 🙂

  • Izad Azaman


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