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Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2202: Ai no Senshi-tachi | 1080p [Central Anime]

  • Three years after the Yamato’s return from the planet Iscandar. The people of Earth restored their planet with the Cosmo Reverse System, and they signed a peace treaty with Garmillas. In addition to reconstruction, Earth developed a new defense fleet that includes the state-of-the-art battleship Andromeda. The Earth goes down a path of military expansion, despite Starsha Iscandar’s wishes. The Yamato helps accomplish this so-called peace, but it comes at the price of many invaluable sacrifices. The goddess Teresa, who prays for tranquility in space, calls the Yamato to a new voyage. The threat of Gatlantis is sweeping over the universe and approaching Earth.

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    Encode Info

    Video: 1080p 10-bit x264 @ CRF 24 | Audio: Japanese 2 Channel AAC
    Subtitles: English Softsubbed | Avg file size: ~ 286 MB / Ep.
    Subs: CentralAnime | Encoded by: ziggy


    Episode – 01v2 – (305 MB): DDL | Torrent

    Episode – 02v2 – (270 MB): DDL | Torrent

    Episode – 03 – (255 MB): DDL | Torrent

    Episode – 04 – (225 MB): DDL | Torrent

    Episode – 05 – (284 MB): DDL | Torrent

    Episode – 06 – (254 MB): DDL | Torrent

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    This is an actual Photograph!

    • Blob Pathfinder

      thx for the release now there is a proper quality release of this instead of that crappy one. Looking forward to the rest of the season

    • abg

      Man… this is I wanted for few months
      1080 p 2 thumb for u gxs

    • Incognito

      Do episodes 1 and 2 use the v2 subs from CentralAnime?

      Also, they just released episodes 3 to 6, so looking forward to your smaller file size version.

      P.S.: Sticking with an anon/guest profile for now, as I don’t wish to register for Disqus.

      • ziggy

        No, when I picked up the files the v2 were not available. I’m debating re-encoding them.

        I picked up episodes 3 to 6 last night, I should be posting them tomorrow.

        • Incognito

          Sweet! Thanks for the uploads and getting the version 2 subs for eps. 1 and 2. (Give my regards to the guys at CentralAnime too, yeah?)

          P.S.: The “Holy S**t Quotient” of this show keeps getting higher and higher. Time just flies watching each episode, and the last episode of the batch always leaves me wanting more!

    • The Conductor

      This is awesome! Thank you! 😁

    • Pol Hayabusa

      Hey guys, I’ve been trying to find information about this… series? OVAs? and I can’t seem to find their release details, if they’re being released in parallel with the movies or anything. Since you’re doing the subs, I wanted to ask if you have any sources that I could check out. Thanks!

    • burstdragon323

      Anyone have an RSS feed to stay upto date here?

    • Made Rio Baskara

      awesome guys keepi it up.

      by the way, is this a weekly show or monthly like season 1 (if I recalled)? And when the update come?

    • howardtaft

      why use 10bit encoding? I don’t know of any player (blu-ray/tv etc) that can decode these files properly. I’d prefer watching on my tv than on my computer.

      • ziggy

        Because 10-bit x264 encoding produces smaller files with better video, and is actually widely supported. I watch most of my anime on an Android tablet and have no problems.

        Many computers/tablets have HDMI output, connect your computer/tablet to your TV and you should be good to go.

        Also, the “next big thing” is going to be HEVC x265 encoding, already found in many releases. That is NOT widely supported, I haven’t found a tablet video player that supports it properly.

        • howardtaft

          Well I hope sony and the other tv/player manufacturers catch up. I’ve been having to avoid 265 files for a while now. This was the first time I’d run into 10bit (maybe because i don’t usually download anime, just getting it for a friend). I really need to learn how to set up a media server for my tv.

        • Alexander Sanchez Jr

          Got a question, hope can help. I watch the episodes on VLC, which I noted has converter ability. but can’t seem to get the files converted to MP4 format (with subs intact) so can download them to my ipad. Any suggestions?

          • ziggy

            Sorry, got busy and didn’t reply to this earlier.

            I’ve tired VLC’s “mkv to mp4”, and never gotten any good result from it, particularly with subtitles (as you noted). This link may help explain things:


            Does your ipad really not handle mkv files? Can you find a player in the app store that does handle mkv?

            If you really need mp4, you might need to re-encode with something like handbrake and just deal with subs not rendering properly.


            If you want to discuss this more, please go to project-gxs’s discord channel.

            • Alexander Sanchez Jr.

              Tried to get to the channel, but not sure am in the right place. I previously did a MKV to MP4 conversion using DivX Converter, and had the subtitles file to attach as I did it, and turned out ok. No real quality issues. Which was why was hoping the subtitles were avail separately. I’d prefer MP4 files to MKV rather than having to get another app for my Ipad.

              • ziggy

                Can you point me to the DivX Converter? I’ll play with it and see what I can do with it.

                • Alexander Sanchez Jr

                  Just to clarify. The only MKV to MP4 conversion I did was of the Space Battleship Yamato: Resurrection. I got a high quality MKV download of it from one site, then found good subtitle files in another place. And did the merge. It turned out well enough for me. I like that this site’s MKV files size is small compared to the quality of the vids. But since can’t convert them without losing the subtitles, seems the only way to get what I’d like is to convert the MKV and attach subs during the conversion process. But getting the subs from CentralAnime is the issue that bedevils me.

                  • ziggy

                    What is “normal” is getting the .mkv files and extracting the subtitles and fonts (usually via mkvtoolnix or similiar programs). Not all groups publish their translations (subtitles), but they are a part of the released video and can be retrieved if you know what you are doing.

        • Otaku J-san

          yes it seems many encoders use HEVC these days for a smaller size

        • Salesifi

          VLC is reading it very well, it is just needing a lot of memory usage.

    • Three Lane Wayne

      I have episode’s 7-10 but with no sub’s. Got lucky on utube the other night.I tried the caption translator but it was not coming out right in English…..

    • Jonru_Linting

      awesome, Thank you!

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