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Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2202: Ai no Senshi-tachi | 1080p [Central Anime]

  • Three years after the Yamato’s return from the planet Iscandar. The people of Earth restored their planet with the Cosmo Reverse System, and they signed a peace treaty with Garmillas. In addition to reconstruction, Earth developed a new defense fleet that includes the state-of-the-art battleship Andromeda. The Earth goes down a path of military expansion, despite Starsha Iscandar’s wishes. The Yamato helps accomplish this so-called peace, but it comes at the price of many invaluable sacrifices. The goddess Teresa, who prays for tranquility in space, calls the Yamato to a new voyage. The threat of Gatlantis is sweeping over the universe and approaching Earth.

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    Encode Info

    Video: 1080p 10-bit x264 @ CRF 24 | Audio: Japanese 2 Channel AAC
    Subtitles: English Softsubbed | Avg file size: ~ 286 MB / Ep.
    Subs: CentralAnime | Encoded by: ziggy


    Episode – 01v2 – (305 MB): DDL | Torrent

    Episode – 02v2 – (270 MB): DDL | Torrent

    Episode – 03 – (255 MB): DDL | Torrent

    Episode – 04 – (225 MB): DDL | Torrent

    Episode – 05 – (284 MB): DDL | Torrent

    Episode – 06 – (254 MB): DDL | Torrent

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    • Blob Pathfinder

      thx for the release now there is a proper quality release of this instead of that crappy one. Looking forward to the rest of the season

    • abg

      Man… this is I wanted for few months
      1080 p 2 thumb for u gxs

    • Incognito

      Do episodes 1 and 2 use the v2 subs from CentralAnime?

      Also, they just released episodes 3 to 6, so looking forward to your smaller file size version.

      P.S.: Sticking with an anon/guest profile for now, as I don’t wish to register for Disqus.

      • ziggy

        No, when I picked up the files the v2 were not available. I’m debating re-encoding them.

        I picked up episodes 3 to 6 last night, I should be posting them tomorrow.

        • Incognito

          Sweet! Thanks for the uploads and getting the version 2 subs for eps. 1 and 2. (Give my regards to the guys at CentralAnime too, yeah?)

          P.S.: The “Holy S**t Quotient” of this show keeps getting higher and higher. Time just flies watching each episode, and the last episode of the batch always leaves me wanting more!

    • The Conductor

      This is awesome! Thank you! 😁

    • Pol Hayabusa

      Hey guys, I’ve been trying to find information about this… series? OVAs? and I can’t seem to find their release details, if they’re being released in parallel with the movies or anything. Since you’re doing the subs, I wanted to ask if you have any sources that I could check out. Thanks!

    • burstdragon323

      Anyone have an RSS feed to stay upto date here?

    • Made Rio Baskara

      awesome guys keepi it up.

      by the way, is this a weekly show or monthly like season 1 (if I recalled)? And when the update come?

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