Published on January 17th, 2016 | by fOOt


Surprise :’D


Happy Birthday DSX !!!!

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Known for his quick thinking, perfectionist attitude and focussed attention. He has been enjoying Japanese anime for the past several years and happily spends his days & nights whilst engaging in this beautiful task. His solitary existence is enchanted by frequently consuming cherry pies.

  • durzegon

    Happy Birthday DreadStarX !!!
    I hope you enjoyed the yesterday and now you’re back in bussines (with some hangover) 😛

  • 84T

    Belated Happy Birthday DreadStarX !!!

  • Mikeferdy

    Hope you had a good time celebrating your 365th day hurtling around a giant space nuclear reactor and wish for more trips to come

  • Dem boobies bruh!

  • bless u!

  • White-Len


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