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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso | 720p [Kaylith, Commie]

  • Arima Kousei is a former child prodigy who lost his ability to play the piano when his mother died. His daily life is monochrome, but it begins to gain colour when he meets a female violinist by chance. Miyazono Kawori is an audacious go-getter who is overflowing with personality. Enchanted by the girl, Kousei starts to move forward with his own legs at the age of 14.

    Encode Info

    Video: 720p 10-bit x264 @ CRF 21 | Audio: Japanese 2 Channel AAC
    Subtitles: English Softsubbed | Avg file size: ~180 MB/ Ep.
    Fansub: Kaylith (ep 1-3), Commie | Encoded by: lambchopz


    Episode – 01 – (220 MB): DDL

    Episode – 02 – (193 MB): DDL

    Episode – 03 – (183 MB): DDL

    Episode – 04 – (203 MB): DDL

    Episode – 05 – (224 MB): DDL

    Episode – 06 – (198 MB): DDL

    Episode – 07 – (169 MB): DDL

    Episode – 08 – (161 MB): DDL

    Episode – 09 – (178 MB): DDL

    Episode – 10 – (177 MB): DDL

    Episode – 11 – (166 MB): DDL

    Episode – 12 – (180 MB): DDL

    Episode – 13 – (178 MB): DDL

    Episode – 14 – (225 MB): DDL

    Episode – 15 – (151 MB): DDL

    Episode – 16 – (196 MB): DDL

    Episode – 17 – (152 MB): DDL

    Episode – 18 – (174 MB): DDL

    Episode – 19 – (167 MB): DDL

    Episode – 20 – (164 MB): DDL

    Episode – 21 – (176 MB): DDL

    Episode – 22 – (224 MB): DDL

    OVA – (174 MB): DDL


    Batch – (4.13 GB): Torrent

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    About the Author

    An avid reader (manga, visual novels, light novels, wuxia novels... novels in general). A gamer ([j]rpg, platformer, sandbox, fps, mmo). A technophile, programmer, and of course an encoder. And definitely a sloth.

    • Bassiette

      hope site never be down again
      best encoding really
      can u provide Arabic subtitle for this release

      • lambchopz

        You’re welcome. And we will probably never do arabic subtitles. There is almost no demand for it and won;t be a good use of our time. You’re free to mux the subtitles yourself however

    • Thanks for doing this. I’ve downloaded all of the episodes since a couple of weeks ago, but just finished the show last night. By the way, any news about this one?:

    • Thanks for doing this. I’ve downloaded all of the episodes since a couple of weeks ago, but just finished the show last night. By the way, any news about this one?:

      • lambchopz

        Oh interesting. I didn’t realize there was a OVA, I’ll go ahead and encode that.

        • It was merely coincidence when I found it. I was just updating my Anime-Planet status on that show, and then I suddenly saw the OVA through their suggestion feature. I haven’t looked anywhere to confirm whether it’s already available or not though.

          EDIT: Never mind. Looked for it on nyaa, there are a couple of torrents available already. Though only DVD quality, but well, I don’t mind, lol.

          • lambchopz

            Yeah until they release the BD, I’ll just go with the DVD release

    • chunsoo dyoh

      sorry, I’ve tried to download all the ep + OVA but there’s an error and I can’t download it. Mind to tell me why it’s can’t be download?

      • lambchopz

        Which links are you referring to? I was able to download episode 1, the OVA, and the batch torrent

        • chunsoo dyoh

          hey, i still can’t download it. help meㅠㅠㅠㅠ

          • lambchopz

            I was able to download most of the files. Maybe your antivirus is blocking the DDL webpage? You can try disabling web protection or something since the links work just fine.

    • lambchopz

      New batch and DDLs are up

      • ∂εмσ

        There’s only one seed and I’ve been downloading it for 2 days and finished 68% only..
        Also, the DDLs aren’t working.. I got this message while opening the link..

        “Not Found
        The requested URL /Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (10bit 720p) [project-gxs] [Kaylith,Commie]/(project-gxs)_Shigatsu_wa_Kimi_no_Uso_-_16_(10bit_720p)_(Kaylith).mkv was not found on this server.”

        Please fix!!

        • DreadStarX

          It’s on SeedBox B, so I can’t fix it. We’ll have to wait until one of the other members can do it.

        • lambchopz

          Oh I realized that all my links past episode 3 is broken since I pointed to a invalid directory, Commie subbed the rest of the episodes since Kaylith disbanded by then. I’ll fix it soon and let you know.

          As for the seeding. Our seedbox has seeded over 190 GB of this batch over the past 5 days. We have hundreds of torrents being seeded at 1 Gb/s. So unless users are willing to seed for us (’cause that’s how torrents work), you will have to live with that.

          • ∂εмσ

            Thanks a lot!!
            It’s an amazing series.. 🙂

    • Rana Shahroz

      I was going to download the batch torrent and am directed to torache but it says the torrent not found?

    • AssassinBroly

      [Instant Transmission Not Allowed. Why? Because you are not Goku! ] this message is coming up !!!!!!! what now ?????

      • AssassinBroly

        It worked again for now thanks !

        • 84T

          Are you using hotlinks, you have to click from this site to get downloads

          • AssassinBroly

            it is working now ! the DDL one .I have downloaded them all already, thanks !

    • Links are dead :'[

    • Fahrin Nichols

      Too bad the links are down, even the torrent.

      • lambchopz

        I’ll encode the BD and upload them

        • Fahrin Nichols

          You are truly amazing. Enjoying your releases so far.

    • anstartel

      links are dead again this time. i tried to download ddl but got this message :
      Not Found
      The requested URL /Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (10bit 720p) [project-gxs] [Kaylith,Commie]/(project-gxs)_Shigatsu_wa_Kimi_no_Uso_-_01_(10bit_720p)_(Kaylith).mkv was not found on this server.

    • lambchopz

      Files reuploaded (December 19th, 2016 EST)

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