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Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu | 720p [DameDesuYo]

  • Suddenly, high school student Subaru Natsuki has been summoned to another world on the way back from the convenience store. With the biggest crisis of his life being summoned to another world, and with no sign of the one who summoned him, things become even worse when he is attacked. But when he is saved by a mysterious, silver-haired girl with a fairy cat, Subaru cooperates with her to return the favor. When they finally manage to get a clue, Subaru and the girl are attacked and killed by someone. Subaru then awakens in the place he was summoned and notices he gained the ability “Returns by Death” and has become a helpless boy that only has the ability to rewind time by dying. Beyond the despair, can he save the girl from the fate of death?

    Encode Info

    Video: 720p 10-bit x264 @ CRF 23 | Audio: Japanese 2 Channel AAC
    Subtitles: English Softsubbed | Avg file size: ~188 MB/Ep.
    Source: DameDesuYo | Encoded by: lambchopz



    Episode – 01 – (297 MB): DDL

    Episode – 02 – (167 MB): DDL

    Episode – 03 – (156 MB): DDL

    Episode – 04 – (161 MB): DDL

    Episode – 05 – (135 MB): DDL

    Episode – 06 – (173 MB): DDL

    Episode – 07 – (179 MB): DDL

    Episode – 08 – (165 MB): DDL

    Episode – 09 – (134 MB): DDL

    Episode – 10 – (232 MB): DDL

    Episode – 11 – (190 MB): DDL

    Episode – 12 – (146 MB): DDL

    Episode – 13 – (151 MB): DDL

    Episode – 14 – (192 MB): DDL

    Episode – 15 – (219 MB): DDL

    Episode – 16 – (158 MB): DDL

    Episode – 17 – (211 MB): DDL

    Episode – 18 – (217 MB): DDL

    Episode – 19 – (190 MB): DDL

    Episode – 20 – (244 MB): DDL

    Episode – 21 – (188 MB): DDL

    Episode – 22 – (188 MB): DDL

    Episode – 23 – (197 MB): DDL

    Episode – 24 – (188 MB): DDL

    Episode – 25 – (255 MB): DDL


    Batch – (4.6 GB): Torrent

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    About the Author

    An avid reader (manga, visual novels, light novels, wuxia novels... novels in general). A gamer ([j]rpg, platformer, sandbox, fps, mmo). A technophile, programmer, and of course an encoder. And definitely a sloth.

    • lambchopz

      The first episode is a double length episode.

      • this is a dumb question, is this BD quality?

        • lambchopz

          I’m not sure when you are asking if it has the same “quality” as a BD release.
          I would doubt it as this is an ongoing show and the blurays have not been released for it yet.

          • well was thinking about the Resolution, well not that this is bad, but would ask then, will u also do a Blueray version later on too?

            • lambchopz

              I usually do BD for series that are good. This series looks promising so far so it’s likely.
              I tend to do BD in 1080p and leave the TV release at 720p for those who prefer a lower filesize.

              • ayee thanks i guess this will do too then, usually only thing i guess good about BDs in 1080P would be the FX effects for example unlimited blade works had much more refined fx 😛

    • lambchopz

      It seems the episode 2 did not completely finish uploading on our server. I’ll will reupload the file tonight.
      If there is a problem with any links, please let us know so we can quickly fix them. Thanks

    • lambchopz

      Torrent links for episode 14,15 seem to be broken. Will upload them again soon.

    • lambchopz

      all links should now be working, please let me know if there are broken links

      • Alarido Conlangs

        They all redirects to link shorter’s site and no longer work ><

    • Lloyd Dela Cruz

      still no ep 17? i heard it’s been out days ago… thanks for noticing

    • AnimeFan_Yato

      when i download a episode i can see the video but i can hear is this just me?

      • lambchopz

        I know for a fact that episodes 01-17 is working. I have not caught up to episode 18/19 yet.

        If you are having video playback issues it is likely your video player. Are you using VLC or MPC with KCP? Those will likely work for all your anime viewing needs.

    • kokalafotis

      hi there. do you know where can i get japanese subtitles for this series? i tried kitsuneko but no luck.

      • lambchopz

        I have no idea

        • Darkholme

          Fucking cunt

    • Could You Please Provide A Batch Download Link…???

    • Fahrin Nichols

      Thanks for your hard work!

    • wisesa syauqi mahmud

      any links for episode 0/1A ?

      • lambchopz

        When I get around to doing the BD and they are included I’ll make sure to do them.

        • Darkholme

          Son of a fucking bitch

    • ketchup-sama

      arigatooooo lambchopz kame-sama

    • ms. kray-z ✔ᶰᵉᵏᵒᶠᶤᵉᵈ

      Will you upload any Shorts? :O Thanks!

      • lambchopz

        If the BDs include them when I get around to doing them then sure 😛

        • ms. kray-z ✔ᶰᵉᵏᵒᶠᶤᵉᵈ

          Yay!! Thanks so much!! <3

    • lambchopz


      • Darkholme

        Yeah delete that you son of a bitch.

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