Release Chart

Winter 2016 @ project-gxs


The following release chart is just for general reference. As it is largely dependent upon original fansub releases and similarly on us for finding enough time to re-encode. WORKING ON IT……

World Trigger
One Piece


Dragon Ball Super



Naruto Shippuden



Fairy Tail Zero

  • bebopfan

    08 can’t play complete, can’t pass around 18:00, please fix it.

  • pepsi

    08 is corrupt at around 20 minute mark

  • Probably because my laptop issues…will fix it soon.

  • Episode 08 fixed and 09 added…cheers to Fatfingers25!

  • Fat Fingers

    no, thanks to you foot for having an excellent job on this. more power to foot and project-gxs. 🙂

  • derp

    Thanks for episode 10 🙂

    • no worries bruv..

  • Fadol Fakhoury

    torrent please (:

  • Shuk

    Please re-upload. The links are dead!

    • will do a batch for this soon…thanks for letting us know.

  • lol

    could you make a 1-25 torrent link? i want to download it straight please

  • holy shit! You guys are really professionals…but gonna ask will old anime repacks be up soon? well some old anime you guys did have no torrent seed :/

    • No we are not, just doing this for fun tbh.

      • shinigamisid

        I believe that’s the mark of true professionalism 🙂
        Great work as always.

      • SerDuncanTheTall

        Well, you put professionals to shame!
        I’m seeding everything I downloaded, so keep up the good work!

  • T84

    Is there a Release Chart for Fall 2015 @ project-gxs

  • Sunny Singh

    I am unable to find magic kaito series on your website

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