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Recruiting Encoders

For those who haven’t heard of us, project-gxs is a group of encoders who strictly releases 10bit re-encodes of anime.

Our team aims to achieve a balance between video quality and small file sizes.

We are looking to recruit two new encoders who can dedicate a few hours each week to encode ongoing shows.
Additional encodes are optional. Those familiar with encoding is highly preferred.
Windows OS and a decent CPU (4 logical cores) with decent internet speed is required.

Please email us at projectgxsteam@gmail or PM me on discord (lambchopz) with the following information below.
Your application will be denied if you don’t answer thoroughly and appropriately.
We will review your application and make a decision.


1. Username (Nickname):
2. Email:
3. Country:

4. How many hours per week are you available?
5. Why do you want to join our team?

6. How and where do you currently get your anime releases?

7. What are your top 3 anime and why?
8. What kind of genre do you prefer and why?
9. Give 2-3 ongoing and completed series that you are interested in encoding:

10. Post your download and upload speed obtained from
a. Provide a link of your Speed Test result:
b. Download speed (Mbps):
c. Upload speed (Mbps):

11. Provide us with your system specs using this software
Install CPU-Z, validate your system and send post that link:

12. Do you have any previous encoding experience? (Yes/No)
If Yes:
      a. What kind of work have you done using what tools?
      b. May you provide us with an episode you encoded? (uploaded to MEGA or other file sharing site)
          b1. May you provide us with some of the parameters you used to encode the video above?

13. Lastly, give a 2-3 paragraph introduction of yourself (hobbies, likes, dislikes, etc.):



About the Author

I'm someone who loves anime, games, and novels/visual novels. I started watching anime several years ago in high school and have been in love with it since. A couple favorites of mine are: Darker than Black, Fate/Zero, Clannad, 5 Cm Per Second (Makoto Shinkai films), Princess Mononoke (Miyazaki films), and the Monogatari series. Some games I love are: Shadow of the Colossus, Half Life 2, Bioshock, Knights of the Old Republic, The Witcher 2, Battlefield, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy... etc. As you can guess, I'm a fan of many genres as long as they're good (:


    I wanted to join but my internet speed is not faster for uploading as well as downloading…Ano

    • lambchopz

      So far we are only using x264 to encode our releases and will only adopt x265 once it is more developed and mainstream. We are also looking to recruit encoders who will do some ongoing shows. But if you are still interested please fill out the application.

      • DKILLER1

        Is it ok if my encoded animes is in hevc format only ???

  • lambchopz

    Please give us a couple weeks to collect and review applications before we give a response. Thanks!

  • TriNitroToluene

    parameters as in?

    • ziggy

      The encode parameters. Constant Frame Rate / Variable Frame Rate, crf, audio ‘q’ value, etc.

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