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Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen (2015) | 10bit | 720p [Vivid]

Yuuichirou has reunited with Mikaela at the Shinjuku Battle. But Mikaela was turned into a vampire… To save the “family,” and to protect his fellow members, Yuuichirou needed to gain knowledge and power. He searched for ways to bring back vampire to human beings, and at the same time, trained hard working on the Cursed Gear.

Meanwhile, Kureto calls Guren and tells him a shocking truth. That in one month, the main unit of the vampire will start attacking Tokyo. To get a head start against vampires, Kureto orders Guren to go to Nagoya. The noble extermination mission is about to open fire!


Encode Info

Video: 720p 10-bit x264 @ CRF 23 | Audio: Japanese 2 Channel AAC
Subtitles: English Softsubbed | Avg file size: ~ 190 MB / Ep.
Fansub: Vivid | Encoded by: fOOt


Episode – 01 – (153 MB): DDL

Episode – 02 – (179 MB): DDL

Episode – 03 – (163 MB): DDL

Episode – 04 – (193 MB): DDL

Episode – 05 – (205 MB): DDL

Episode – 06 – (185 MB): DDL

Episode – 07 – (207 MB): DDL

Episode – 08 – (199 MB): DDL

Episode – 09 – (223 MB): DDL

Episode – 10 – (178 MB): DDL

Episode – 11 – (199 MB): DDL

Episode – 12 – (220 MB): DDL

Episodes – 01-12 – (2.20 GB): Torrent

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  • GKS

    This is the most anticipated anime of this season!!

  • Xilonix

    Any updates?

  • Guys the series is updated but there will be no torrent updates for single episodes. A final batch will be made.

  • joker

    one of bests anime I see until now
    cute design with deep colors strong story strong music …

  • GKS

    at last!!

  • dmzicknet

    any updates for ep 9 -12?

    • waiting for the last episode to be released by Vivid and then i will get this post completed with all the links.

      • fl343

        Last episode should have been released by now

        • yeah its all done and sitting on my HDD -_-
          will get it uploaded asap!

  • alan

    ep 9-12 ddl not working (requested url not found in this server)… would appreciate if you can fix it

  • joker

    this is one of best animes I have seen until now
    strong story deep colors great music …
    “episode 11&12 aren’t available to download”

  • joker

    can you hear me where is ep 9 to 12 ?

  • Marvin Seno

    is there a bd version of this????????

    • Not yet for the second season. As for the first season, I’ve submitted a request just now.

  • Papoy Banana

    i think the links are broken. 404 not found or something.

    • The files are there, but the links in this post didn’t target the right files. Probably the folder structure was changed without updating this post. I’ll try to contact a staff.

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