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Kara no Kyoukai: Garden of Sinners | BD 1080p [ANE UTW]

  • Knife-wielding Shiki has a unique talent; she has ‘mystic eyes’ that can perceive the very bonds of mortality. She has a special connection with Mikiya, a mild-mannered young man who works as an investigator for Toko, a powerful magic user who masquerades as a sculpture artist. When a series of brutal murders strikes, Shiki herself is the prime suspect – and even she believes she’s the killer. Mikiya’s not so convinced.

    Encode Info

    Video: BD 1080p 10-bit x264 @ CRF 21 | Audio: Japanese 6 Channel AAC
    Subtitles: English Softsubbed Fansub: ANE, UTW (8, Extra)
    Encoded by: lambchopz


    01 – Overlooking View – 793 MB: DDL

    02 – Murder Speculation (Part 1) – 975 MB: DDL

    03 – Remaining Sense of Pain – 1.20 GB: DDL

    04 – The Hollow Shrine – 857 MB: DDL

    05 – Paradox Spiral – 12.8 GB: DDL

    06 – Oblivion Recording – 1.16 GB: DDL

    07 – Murder Speculation (Part 2) – 2.56 GB: DDL

    Gate of Seventh Heaven – 2.58 GB: DDL

    Epilogue – 1.31 GB: DDL

    08 – Future Gospel – 3.26 GB: DDL

    Extra Chorus – 1.33 GB: DDL


    Batch – v2 (28.8 GB): Torrent


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    About the Author

    An avid reader (manga, visual novels, light novels, wuxia novels... novels in general). A gamer ([j]rpg, platformer, sandbox, fps, mmo). A technophile, programmer, and of course an encoder. And definitely a sloth.

    • 白森 (Bassel Kuroda)

      How do you open a .gxs file? It’s such an uncommon extension to be used with video files.

      • lambchopz

        its simply a mkv video just extension changed to gxs. change it back or just open that file with any video player. It’s a old file and I really don’t want to re-upload like 15 GB just to rename it…

        • 白森 (Bassel Kuroda)

          Thank you! It worked with VLC player. I had no idea. It was such a simple solution.

    • lambchopz

      Most of the files here has the extension .gxs Just change the extension to .mkv or simply open the file with your video player. Extensions are simply used to tell our computer what kind of file it is or how it should be open ,the file itself is identical

    • hey, what’s the major difference between v1 and v2
      coz there is big difference in file size

      • lambchopz

        I realize this is a late response but for anyone else wondering. v2 is a much higher quality than v1, most noticeable in movie 5 by comparing the difference in filesize… Not to mention this is ufotable, so very high production films making the v2 a must.

    • Archer

      Would it be at all possible to put th 720p ones ine a batch, or at least in mega. Trying to direct download them is a pain because internet goes out for 5 mins and I have to restart the whole download

      • lambchopz

        There aren’t any 720p version. Only a low and high bite-rate version (v1 is the low bitrate version).

        And there is already a torrent batch for the files. I will not upload v1 onto mega as we are migrating all our older releases to our fileserver instead.

        • Archer

          Thanks. the v1 batch file doesn’t work for me, though, the link shortening site given some error; and the smaller size DDL for Kara no Kyoukai 08 – Future Gospel [UTW]has some issues too. Please look into it.

          Thanks for your hard work 🙂

          • lambchopz

            It seems as though several links were broken after we restored our webpage. Both batches should work now as well as Movie 8. Thanks for the notification.

    • E825

      Eh dunno if it’s only for me but the torrent link for V2 is not working “The requested URL /(torrentfiles)/Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinners v2 (10bit BD 1080p) [project-gxs] [ANE,UTW].torrent was not found on this server” .

      I would tryMEGA but I can’t download more than 2gb lately.

      • lambchopz

        The server the file is on is down right now.

        • E825

          Hm I see, do you know when is it going to be on?
          Anyways, thank you

    • Clinton Roe

      I downloaded the Batch 1 and it’s really really great compared to my old one.

      • Am I the only one who prefers the left one? o.o

      • lambchopz

        Wow I never saw this comment until now. I approve 😉

    • Praetorion

      Good sir, when will the files be back up? Thank you~

      • lambchopz

        Well I think I can get them back up in a week or so. I dont think I have the v1 any more but I’ll reupload the v2 and update the post.

        • Praetorion

          I shall wait patiently. Thank you so much!

    • lambchopz

      Files re-uploaded (October 7th, 2016)

      • Praetorion

        Thank you!

    • Piyush

      Why movie 5 paradox spiral is 12 gb

      • lambchopz

        because the source is like 40+ GB? Idk what you want me to say… Getting a source to almost 1/4 of the filesize is really good. And movie 5 uses a lot of grains which bumps up the filesize a ton. If i try to not retain the grains, the video quality becomes crap since there’s just too much. Other shit like dark scenes (which is like more than half the movie). It’s also a longer movie nearing 2 hours. other reasons (like the source filesize)

        • Piyush

          Ok so mainly the source file is big therefore ur encode is big ……thanks for the upload.

    • Slaiver

      paradox spiral 12.8GB? seriously?

      • lambchopz

        Yes, no tricks. Seriously 12.8 GB.

    • Gabriel Solanilla

      Why Murder Speculation (Part 2) isin’t 1080p? you should put the correct resolution even in the file name says 1080p when the true is 720p. BTW Good job and thanks for showing me this awesome series i realy enjoy it ^^

      Sorry for my english i’m practicing it while see anime ^^

      • lambchopz

        Except Movies 6, 7, and 8 are in 1080p… So the resolution is correct

    • Catherine Ruiz Caballes

      Thanks! Thumbs up! Keep it up!

      • lambchopz

        Glad you enjoy our releases!

    • Kim Possible

      So this uses ANE subs right? Is there a difference between the ANE version that’s 79.6 GB vs this one?

      • lambchopz

        Nope, its a straight re-encode. Same source, just the video/audio is re-encoded so its smaller than 79.6GB. ANE didnt sub Movie 8 and the Extra though. UTW did those

    • Ero Sennin

      Do I still need the patch if I download the files now? Or is it just for the older versions?

    • Do I need to download that patch? Also I can’t download it. Something about an insecure connection.

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