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ID-0 | BD | 720p [DmonHiro]

  • Transferring the human consciousness into a robotic “I-Machine” is now a reality thanks to the discovery of a valuable ore called “orichalt.” However, there is the possibility of the consciousness failing to return to the host’s body, rendering them stuck inside their new metallic frame for good. Such is the situation of members of the Excavate Company, a reckless band of I-Machine miners led by the notorious Grayman that aims to gather orichalt for profit.

    During a mining incursion, the group rescues Maya Mikuri, a student who was abandoned by her crew. Accused of stealing classified information on orichalt by her former colleagues, she joins the Excavate Company in hopes of clearing her name. They then begin an adventure that will change their lives—including that of Ido, an ace member of the group with no memory of his past. For the first time, Ido might have the chance to rediscover his true identity.

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    Encode Info

    Video: 720p 10-bit x264 @ CRF 22 | Audio: Japanese 2 Channel AAC
    Subtitles: English Softsubbed | Avg file size: ~ 183 MB / Ep.
    Subs: DmonHiro | Encoded by: ziggy


    Episode – 01 – (189 MB): DDL

    Episode – 02 – (191 MB): DDL

    Episode – 03 – (202 MB): DDL

    Episode – 04 – (187 MB): DDL

    Episode – 05v2 – (179 MB): DDL

    Episode – 06 – (183 MB): DDL

    Episode – 07v2 – (222 MB): DDL

    Episode – 08 – (177 MB): DDL

    Episode – 09 – (134 MB): DDL

    Episode – 10 – (177 MB): DDL

    Episode – 11 – (163 MB): DDL

    Episode – 12 – (188 MB): DDL

    Batch – (2.18 GB): Torrent

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    About the Author

    This is an actual Photograph!

    • Rio_Shinn

      Thank you so much for encoding this one!

      Been wanting to watch this when it’s still ongoing, but seeing it’s a mecha serie I prefer to wait until it’s all on BD.

      • ziggy

        You’ll want to download the updated episode 05. The original episode is unwatchable.

        • Rio_Shinn

          Thanks for the info!

    • dragonrl

      Ep 5 is having playback issues and is out of sync

      • ziggy

        I see what you mean. The original file had issues with frame rate, as seen in playback stutter. Re-encoding it caused the video to have an effective frame-rate of 1/2 what it should be which leaves both the stutter and caused the loss of sync between video and audio/subtitles.

        I’ll see if I can fix it or find an alternate source, otherwise I’ll remove this post.

      • ziggy

        Ok, I’ve got a new encode of episode 5 that is intact. I’ll post it soon (day or so, I’m busy lately…)

      • ziggy

        Ok, episode 5 replaced!

    • dragonrl

      Hi ziggy, it looks like ep 7 is having the same issue. I checked the rest of the eps and they seem to be playing okay. Would appreciate it if you’re able to fix this ep.

      • ziggy

        Yes, It is. Same problem. Thanks for finding this.

        I have the files to repair it, I’ll get to it in a day or two (busy with other stuff right now).

      • ziggy

        Ok, episode 07 has been replaced and a new torrent is now up.

        • dragonrl

          Thank you ziggy!!!

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