Are your encodes 10bit or 8bit? What’s the difference?
We re-encode anime in 10bit via x264 using CRF method. 10bit encoding gives better compression and retention of quality compared to 8bit counterparts when all other encoding parameters remain constant.

How does your multi-sub releases work?
Sometimes we may use more than one fansubs for our releases to please the followers of individual groups, nonetheless it gives you more freedom/option to choose your favourite sub. Normally, in such releases one fansub is set as default that will automatically run on playing the video and the other subs can be choosen from your video player options to replace the default if needed. Example-


Playback Issues


We strongly recommend our users to download and use Kawaii Codec Packbecause it is the best thing that has happened to video playback. When installing KCP make sure you read through the instructions and settings info on the download page. People who want to question why, they can do a brief google/youtube search and relieve their minds of any doubt. But if you still insist on being a noob then just use CCCP. 

If playback is impossible (no video) then go to KCP Settings>Video tab>Check Enable EVR-CP. However, this means disabling madVR!!! What is the point then! Check the manual method below. Trust me its worth it.


 DIY Playback Setup Tutorial


Media Player Classic - Home Cinema 64-bit Installer / https://mpc-hc.org/downloads/
XySubFilter x64 / https://github.com/Cyberbeing/xy-VSFilter/releases (Download both the VSFilters and SubFilters)
madVR / http://madshi.net/madVR.zip

1.  Uninstall all codec packs, previous instances of the aforementioned, and the like, and delete their settings if prompted.
2.  Reboot.
3.  Install MPC-HC with default settings.
4.  Extract the XySubFilter + VSFilter archive into a new "XySubFilter" directory in your "C:\Program Files" directory.
5.  Right-click on "Install_XySubFilter.bat" in the "XySubFilter" directory you just populated, and then click on "Run as administrator". Similarly, install VSFilter.bat in the same directory.
6.  Extract "madVR.zip" into a new "madVR" directory in your "C:\Program Files" directory.
7.  Right-click on "install.bat" in the "madVR" directory you just populated, and then click on "Run as administrator".
8.  Start MPC-HC, go to "View" -> "Options..." -> "Playback" -> "Output", and select "madVR" under "DirectShow Video"
    and "XySubFilter" under "Subtitle Renderer".
9.  Go to "View" -> "Options..." -> "Internal Filters", click on "Video decoder", and select "None" in the
    "Hardware Decoder to use" drop-down menu in the "Hardware Acceleration" section. Click on "OK", and click on "OK".
10. Play a video file, go to "Play" -> "Filters", click on "madVR", and click on "Edit Settings".
11. Go to "processing" -> "artifact removal" and check "reduce banding artifacts".
12. Go to "processing" -> "zoom control" and set "move subtitles:" to "... into active video area".
13. Go to "scaling algorithms" 
-> "chroma upscaling" and select "Reconstruction"
-> "image downscaling" select "SSIM" with "2D - strength: 100%" and check "activate anti-ringing filter", and "scale in linear light"
-> "image doubling" select "double luma resolution" with "super-xbr, sharpness: 75"
-> "image upscaling" select "Jinc" and check "activate anti-ringing filter" and "scale in sigmoidal light"
-> "upscaling refinement" check "SuperRes" at setting 2.
14. Go to "rendering" -> "general settings" and check "use Direct3D 11 for presentation".
15. Go to "rendering" -> "dithering" and select "Error Diffusion - option 2".
16. Go to "rendering" -> "trade quality for performance" and uncheck all but "optimize subtitle quality for performance instead of quality".
17. Click on "OK", click on "OK", and restart MPC-HC.


foobar2000 / https://www.foobar2000.org/

1.  Install.
2.  Add components as you see fit. The ones you need are almost always available on the official site
    (Monkey's Audio for .ape, TAK decoder for .tak, and so on). http://en.true-audio.com/ has the TTA decoder component.
3.  Search Hydrogenaudio / https://www.hydrogenaud.io/forums/index.php?showforum=33 for additional components.

Thank you for taking time to read the FAQ’s

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