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Fairy Tail – Final Season – Episode 06 [10bit 720p] [Erai-Raws]

  • The last year saw major changes for certain parties in Earth Land. First, fueled by the tragic death of his foster father Igneel and the constant battles against the Dark Guild Tartaros, Natsu left to travel the lands with Happy, a renewed determination to become even more powerful lighting his fire.

    Even more surprising was the disbandment of the Fairy Tail guild, a command which came from Fairy Tail Master Makarov himself without any explanation or prior notice. Much like Natsu and Happy, Makarov’s location was also kept secret.

    During that time, Lucy landed a job as a reporter. Though she was committed to her work, she also decided to use her skills and resources to gather news of her friends as they moved about the continent. Working away with no real plan, Lucy thought her next big assignment at covering the annual Grand Magic Game would go off without a hitch… until Natsu and Happy make a grand appearance and reunite with her once again.

    Now, with the revival of Fairy Tail on their minds, Lucy, Natsu, and Happy set out on a new journey to find the rest of their friends and former guildmates to get things back to how they should be.

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    Encode Info

    Video: 720p 10-bit x264 @ CRF 23 | Audio: Japanese 2 Channel AAC
    Subtitles: English Softsubs | Avg file size: ~? MB / Ep.
    Subs: Erai-Raws | Encoded by: DreadStarX


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    Episode – 06 – (177 MB): DDL | Torrent

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