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Dragon Ball Super – 55 | 10bit | 720p [DragonTeam]

  • Reuniting the franchise’s iconic characters, Dragon Ball Super will follow the aftermath of Goku’s fierce battle with Majin Buu as he attempts to maintain earth’s fragile peace.


    Encode Info

    Video: 720p 10-bit x264 @ CRF 23 | Audio: Japanese 2 Channel AAC
    Subtitles: English Softsubbed | Avg file size: ~ 200 MB / Ep.
    Fansub: DragonTeam | Encoded by: fOOt


    01 – (191 MB): DDL

    02 – (193 MB): DDL

    03 – (144 MB): DDL

    04 – (161 MB): DDL

    05 – (151 MB): DDL

    06 – (161 MB): DDL

    07 – (179 MB): DDL

    08 – (194 MB): DDL

    09 – (208 MB): DDL

    10 – (201 MB): DDL

    11 – (229 MB): DDL

    12 – (279 MB): DDL

    13 – (261 MB): DDL

    14 – (227 MB): DDL

    15 – (173 MB): DDL

    16 – (167 MB): DDL

    17 – (157 MB): DDL

    18 – (156 MB): DDL

    19 – (189 MB): DDL

    20 – (152 MB): DDL

    21 – (197 MB): DDL

    22 – (174 MB): DDL

    23 – (179 MB): DDL

    24 – (180 MB): DDL

    25 – (186 MB): DDL

    26 – (209 MB): DDL

    27 – (211 MB): DDL

    28 – (155 MB): DDL

    29 – (174 MB): DDL

    30 – (196 MB): DDL

    31 – (173 MB): DDL

    32 – (168 MB): DDL

    33 – (188 MB): DDL

    34 – (172 MB): DDL

    35 – (162 MB): DDL

    36 – (192 MB): DDL

    37 – (185 MB): DDL

    38 – (158 MB): DDL

    39 – (181 MB): DDL

    40 – (190 MB): DDL

    41 – (188 MB): DDL

    42 – (184 MB): DDL

    43 – (163 MB): DDL

    44 – (177 MB): DDL

    45 – (193 MB): DDL

    46 – (214 MB): DDL

    47 – (165 MB): DDL

    48 – (188 MB): DDL

    49 – (177 MB): DDL

    50 – (209 MB): DDL

    Batch – (9.05 GB): Torrent

    Episode – 051 – (192 MB): DDL | Torrent

    Episode – 052 – (187 MB): DDL | Torrent

    Episode – 053 – (172 MB): DDL | Torrent

    Episode – 054 – (211 MB): DDL | Torrent

    Episode – 055 – (198 MB): DDL | Torrent


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    About the Author

    This is an actual Photograph!

    • Normally i aim to keep my releases below 150Mb, but this is special and visually this release looks exactly the same as source but 50% the size. So enjoy this awesome anime 😀

    • is DragonTeam Subs better than Phrosty/Anime RG ?

      • Definitely yes. DragonTeam consists of many team members but primarily composed of M-L fansubbers aka The Moonlighters. They are an actual fansub unlike AnimeRG – Phr0sty release.
        Thats also the reason why the formers entry on nyaa is green while the later are plain white!

    • Updated episode 3 with the new release from DragonTeam who corrected some lines in their subs.

    • 林俊桦

      Thanks for very good new for Episode 4! 😀 Why too late to uploaded in two weeks? 🙁

    • 林俊桦

      Thanks for very good new for Episode 4! 😀 Why too late to uploaded in two weeks? 🙁

      • Episode 4 was only released this week. Last week there was no episode aired.

    • amevuto

      ep8 DDL 404 not found 🙁

      • Should work now.

        • amevuto

          it work now 🙂
          but, why the size of each episodes are getting bigger?

          • It depends upon the action/dynamic scenes in that episode. To keep the quality up, the bit rate has to go up and so does the size.

    • Haru Glory

      Great job! I love the fact that there are no watermarks unlike other sources I have used before I found this. But I do want to know the rate of the releases since it is behind, which I don’t mind (always prefer quality 🙂 but just want an idea of when to look for updates.

      • I will be posting 11 soonish and the Dragon Team have said that they will catch up this week. So fingers crossed. Though, they dont have a specific day of release!

        • Haru Glory

          Thank you for the notice. Fingers crossed 🙂

    • Nurio

      When is episode 12 going to be uploaded? Dragon Team finished Episode 12 quite some ago. They even finished episode 13 by now.

      • 12 is being uploaded as we speak and 13 is in the queue.

    • Downloading Episode 13 just gives me a zero-byte file. I’ve tried multiple times and the other episodes work just fine…

      • 林俊桦

        Yeah also same to ask!

      • 林俊桦

        It fixed now! Now you can download the Epi 13 to watch! 🙂

    • Seems like Dragon Team is far behind and has been pretty much silent this whole time. Will you switch to Over8000 fansubs, who appear to be a more than adequate fansub group?

      • lambchopz

        Unfortunately fOOt will be away for the next week or so. He’ll be able to provide an answer once he comes back.

        • Alright. Will wait for that then! =)

          • Haru Glory

            As rude and impatient as I may sound: gosh dangit where art thou fOOt???

        • Haru Glory

          Well at least this saves me from double checking for a new episode everyday.

        • So, any update from fOOt or when he’ll be back?

    • It looks like Dragon Team is back (and Over8000 completely absolved)! They’ll be skipping episode 15-19 for now, but they uploaded 14 and will continue from 20 onwards.

    • Hello guys, yes i am going to use Over8000 for the middle episodes. These all will be posted by tomorrow.

      • T84

        NP with us fOOt ….

        we are with you

      • Haru Glory

        You’re alive!

      • Haru Glory

        I cannot get the new episodes to play in VLC player. I tried 14 and 15 but I only get black screens.

      • T84


        Seems Episode 14 is corrupted

        File: (project-gxs)_Dragon_Ball_Super_-_014_(10bit_720p).mkv

        CRC-32: f077c767
        MD4: b9c1839a4b4516e5e380b41cc8b473ef
        MD5: 1b1044943edf436441aba724360e0761
        SHA-1: 8e4ed9b9f88a69e316518cbfd6e8d9d42e853a74

        Since someone else has reported ep15 to be defective I did not download it anymore…

        Waiting for confirmation that the others are working before downloading 14 and up

        • FTP upload corrupting files! Will reupload with a different method…

          • Haru Glory

            Can you write them as V2 or something so we know when they are re-uploaded?

            • T84

              Probably better to upload with a CRC tag on the filename


      • Dragon Team is gradually going to release the middle episodes as well. For example, they just released Episode 15. Are you going to replace the Over8000 episodes with the Dragon Team releases over time?

    • They should be working now. Any problems please report.

      • Haru Glory

        Hate myself for watching all 8 new episodes today but yeah they all work.

      • T84

        Thanks for keeping us updated.. will download and test

    • Shubham Pratap Singh

      The size is bigger than i anticipated 🙂

      I have seen lesser size for the same video quality but a little lesser audio quality 🙂

      Anyways, great Work and thanks a lot for encoding such wonderful series for us 🙂

      PS: The chapters are well detailed……..Can I somehow get em separately?

      • T84

        Size is a by-product of 10-bit x264 @ CRF 23
        but the average for all 19 files is about 194 MB

        Constant Rate Factor compresses different frames by different amounts. .. video compressor can apply more compression when things are moving, and apply less compression when things are still. (

        Did you check the encode settings of the smaller files you were referring to? and which group did it?

        • T84

          example for Episode 19, you can use mediainfo to inspect it

          here are the timecodes
          00:00:00.000 : en:Opening Theme
          00:01:24.876 : en:Sponsor Message 1
          00:01:34.928 : en:Recap
          00:02:18.013 : en:Title Card
          00:02:28.023 : en:Part A
          00:11:45.496 : en:Intermission
          00:11:56.382 : en:Part B
          00:21:44.887 : en:Ending Theme
          00:22:44.863 : en:Next Episode Preview
          00:23:14.810 : en:Sponsor Message 2

        • Shubham Pratap Singh

          Well they are 8-Bit x264 with H.264 Level as 4……Why didn’t i got to know this site first 🙁 :(………

          The group that encoded them is soulreaper with Fansub being DragonTeam.

          What i meant with chapters issue is – Are the chapters availabe to download in .xml format anywhere (just chapters)?

          Thanks for help 🙂

          • T84

            If the source is Blu Ray or DVD, there may be (i think a chapter editor app i saw in videohelp had that search and download)

            for TV Rips probably not…
            Since there are a lot of versions of RIPS out there

            • Shubham Pratap Singh

              Thanks Btw Kami FS vs DragonTeam?……….Which one is better for DBS?

              • T84

                Haven’t tried KAMI FS.. I normally stick to 1 unless the project gets dropped ….

                Like when Foot took a vacation, I had 2 temporary alternates for Fairy Tail (just to keep up with the broadcast).. But I eventually download the Project GXS ones just to complete my 720P collection* from episode zero to current episode…. (for consistency sake)…

                *I previously had 130 GB BD-Rip of that anime’s season 1 to 5 in 1080p dual audio and the official funimation subs. But it would take forever to downsize 165 episodes to 720P. It was faster just to download the ones here.

                • T84

                  If you look at the entry for DBS there are several groups doing fansubs:

                  As you can see Kami Subs release faster than DB Team.
                  But they do put a permanent logo on their encodes.. So if you don’t want that go with DB team..

                  • Shubham Pratap Singh

                    Kami’s opening and ending seems better and more meaningful to me…..There episode subs are more or less same as db team……….but that permanent logo really bugs me :3

                    Wish DB Team could the same translations for the opening and ending as kami 🙂

                    • T84

                      You can always extract the softsubs with Kami’s opening and ending and use that for as an alternative subtitle track for the DB Team encodes

                      • Shubham Pratap Singh

                        Well as of now, i am doing that only :p

                        I have soft subbed both of em and am using kamifs for op and end but for rest i m using DB Team 🙂

                        I loved Kami’s op and close 🙂

      • I have purposefully used the settings that results in higher size. U will realise that when anime gets more action/dynamic + dark scenes our encodes will be better than most of the other re-encoding groups.

        You can download attachments from

        Not compared KamiFS with DragonTeam.
        KFS is much faster and if you cant wait then its for you. From personal opinion DT have more known/experienced staff and thus more trustable.

        • Shubham Pratap Singh

          Yes quality here is by far best for this filesize……there’s no doubt about it 🙂

          Thanks for the site bro, Its good but i will stick with you guys here…..You have the same attachments and i always download from here so lets leave animetosho for now 🙂

    • Shubham Pratap Singh

      Hey fOOt

      First of all thanks for thanks for taking up DBS for us (I know its late but i came to know about this site a few days before only :p)

      The thing is i have made the chapters for all the DBS episodes released till now (1-21) and would like to give them to you so that you can incorporate them either in your released videos and then reupload em (if u wish xD) or in the next episodes you are going to release

      It would be my way of helping you and contributing to a franchise I love 🙂

      Looking forward to your reply 🙂

      • We tend to post stuff on our website only if its been encoded by us (exceptions for few series). Plus we dont have space to accommodate the whole Dragon Ball Series…but thanks for the offer.

        • Shubham Pratap Singh

          Well i am not talking about the whole series……just the dragon ball super episodes :p…………may be my ‘DBS’ made you think wrong :p……….And i am talking about the chapters for these episodes in .xml format (not the whole episodes)

          PS: I forgot to tell, the source of episodes are you (this site) only :)……The chapters are more detailed like in epidsode 19 i.e. having Opening Theme, Sponsor Message 1, Recap, Title Card, Part A, Intermission, Part B, Ending Theme, Next Episode Preview, Sponsor Message 2………

          Sponsor Message, title card and intermission chapters were missing in the first 14 episodes…….episode 12 had no chapters!

          • 84T

            I prefer Project-GXS version of DBS and will be sticking to it because of the encode quality…

            I can always do other things on my own for the media i download here.. like change the order of dual audio so that the audio comes first (because i prefer the original language track to any dubbed track).

            Other than that I’m okay with what get..

          • 84T

            Would just be easier to upload the files on an uploader site (e.g. or media uploader.. or if iot is just a pure text , paste in on

            and supply the others a link to that.

            It is quite easy to inject new chapters using MKVToolkit….

            I believe some of the encoders here use xdelta3 to create the patches for V2 subs or minor edits.

          • 84T

            Shubham Pratap Singh This is AN EXPERIMENTAL UNOFFICIAL PATCH

            I tried injecting a chapter you sent for Episode 10 and made a patch file.



            This will patch the file and give it a new file name project-gxs)_Dragon_Ball_Super_-_010_(10bit_720p)-v2beta.mkv

            Put the original file in another subdirectory. Unzip the 7zip archive to that directory and run the zip file…
            Note: This will patch will erase the original file so don;”t do this to your actual DBS directory. The patch is 1 way, and cannot be reversed so make sure you have backups…

            Also It will check if the file has a consistent CRC vale with the ones downloaded from Project GXS. It will refuse to patch if you modified your downloaded files to make them different from the Project GXS versions.

            NOTA BENE: Once you’ve patched/renamed the file, you cannot use these files as seeds for project GXS , as the CRC values will differ.

            • Shubham Pratap Singh

              I am sorry but why should i do this??

              Even so i did it and result came out as i expected……it failed……..Reason is that I have modified my downloaded files!!………Anyhow what’s the use of the patch btw?

              • 84T

                That is why the starting point is the original file downloaded from Project GXS

                The filenames and crc values are posted here

                • 84T

                  As a sidenote, you can inject the xml chapters yourself using MKVToolkit… Not that hard to do…

                  • Shubham Pratap Singh

                    I added chapters using mkvtoolnix only so yes they r modded 🙂

          • We dont change anything in the original file when we re-encode. That is the subs, karaoke and typesetting are just the way the original fansub kept it. We do at times get the timings right only when we release dual subs.
            Plus, with respect to the differences in the chapter naming etc the episodes from 15-19 use OVER8000 releases and they are different from DragonTeam (episodes 01-14). Though, since DT have planned to pick it up again with timely releases (????) we might get to see some consistency. IMO chapters dont mean much, its just easier to navigate if you want to skip through openings etc.

            • Shubham Pratap Singh

              I agree with you…..chapters dont matter much but when it comes to my personal preference, i like my collection to be consistent…..

              Having episodes 15-19 with detailed chapters and 1-14 with less detailed ones was bugging me so i made detailed chapters for all and thought of giving you if you too want to use em 🙂

              BTW any news on the episode 20?

    • Will you upload Episode 20-22 someday?

      • Haru Glory

        Little grasshopper has much to learn about patience. Ah who am I kidding I check in twice a day 🙁

        • DragonTeam doing v2 for almost every release doesnt help us for being quick either….

          • Haru Glory

            I don’t really mind since I do love myself multiple episodes at once. Only shortcoming is not being up to date to talk about with others.

    • Angel

      Is there a set time for new chapters, like 23 and 24??

      Just curious, I lobe the quality and the subs and the work you guys have done

      • Haru Glory

        Already asked, and was told no.

      • will be updated tomorrow (xmas day) 🙂

        • Haru Glory

          Love ya! Sadly I probably won’t be able to watch any until after mid day into the 26th.

    • 林俊桦

      Sorry i said that! I need torrent to downloading please! Cause both of
      DDL download speed doesn’t increase! I can’t download too long man! D:

      • only a few missing torrents in between….i will try and get them up.

    • Fernando Pessoa

      episode 007 and 010 are no longer available, were you aware of this?
      Gonna check the rest now

      • Fernando Pessoa

        i mean the torrents… and there are more not working so i went along with the DDL… only 720 but good enough for me! cheers 😛

    • Haru Glory

      Random question but anyone else here read DBZ elsewhere? If not, I highly recommend it!

    • Haru Glory

      Yes, finally!!!!!!! Perfect timing too.

    • 84T

      Thanks for the update,

    • Haru Glory


    • Haru Glory

      Still no 35?

    • Daniel Rezani

      episode 039 and 040?

    • Daniel Rezani

      episode 041,042 and 43? tanks

      • the busy fOOt has responded…

    • eljaybhee

      adfly account is suspended; can’t use direct links 🙁

      • DreadStarX

        Thanks for the heads up. Foot is the original encoder, I’ll look into fixing it.

    • finally after a long time!

    • links fixed for the batch files!

    • Keimer

      hey bro, when you’re gonna upload the next ones? thanks.

      • ziggy

        Foot is no longer with the team, and nobody else seems interested in doing the series.

        • 林俊桦

          DAMN!!! I saddest to hear that man! I’m still watch delayed of episode 109! This day i checked shanaproject website has been blocked by DMCA Copyright! That’s very not fair at all but them are not illegal to make anime one from there please! D:

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