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Clannad | BD 1080p [THORA]

Okazaki Tomoya is a delinquent who finds life dull and believes he’ll never amount to anything. Along with his friend Sunohara, he skips school and plans to waste his high school days away.

One day while walking to school, Tomoya passes a young girl muttering quietly to herself. Without warning she exclaims “Anpan!” (a popular Japanese food) which catches Tomoya’s attention. He soon discovers the girl’s name is Furukawa Nagisa and that she exclaims things she likes in order to motivate herself. Nagisa claims they are now friends, but Tomoya walks away passing the encounter off as nothing.

However, Tomoya finds he is noticing Nagisa more and more around school. Eventually he concedes and befriends her. Tomoya learns Nagisa has been held back a year due to a severe illness and that her dream is to revive the school’s drama club. Claiming he has nothing better to do, he decides to help her achieve this goal along with the help of four other girls.

Encode Info

Video: BD 1080p 10-bit x264 @ CRF 21 | Audio: Japanese 6 Channel AC3
Subtitles: English Softsubbed | Avg file size: ~373 MB/Ep.
Fansub: THORA | Encoded by: lambchopz


Episode – 01 – (494 MB): DDL

Episode – 02 – (454 MB): DDL

Episode – 03 – (411 MB): DDL

Episode – 04 – (377 MB): DDL

Episode – 05 – (375 MB): DDL

Episode – 06 – (389 MB): DDL

Episode – 07 – (396 MB): DDL

Episode – 08 – (407 MB): DDL

Episode – 09 – (395 MB): DDL

Episode – 10 – (246 MB): DDL

Episode – 11 – (404 MB): DDL

Episode – 12 – (424 MB): DDL

Episode – 13 – (411 MB): DDL

Episode – 14 – (202 MB): DDL

Episode – 15 – (452 MB): DDL

Episode – 16 – (396 MB): DDL

Episode – 17 – (410 MB): DDL

Episode – 18 – (399 MB): DDL

Episode – 19 – (346 MB): DDL

Episode – 20 – (367 MB): DDL

Episode – 21 – (416 MB): DDL

Episode – 22 – (392 MB): DDL

Episode – 23 – (335 MB): DDL

Episode – 24 – (371 MB): DDL

ED – (139 MB): DDL

OP – (064 MB): DDL


Batch – (9.25 GB): Torrent

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About the Author

I'm someone who loves anime, games, and novels/visual novels. I started watching anime several years ago in high school and have been in love with it since. A couple favorites of mine are: Darker than Black, Fate/Zero, Clannad, 5 Cm Per Second (Makoto Shinkai films), Princess Mononoke (Miyazaki films), and the Monogatari series. Some games I love are: Shadow of the Colossus, Half Life 2, Bioshock, Knights of the Old Republic, The Witcher 2, Battlefield, Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy... etc. As you can guess, I'm a fan of many genres as long as they're good (:

  • Shuk

    The torrent batch is down(Cannot dll the *.torrent file or magnet link)

    • lambchopz

      Magnet link works

      • Shuk

        I’ve waited a long time and it’s just not loading…

        • lambchopz

          I tested it on my utorrent 3.4.2 and it loaded almost immediately (“retrieving metadata”) and I’m currently seeding. Sometimes I don’t seed, whenmy computer is off or I just need the additional bandwidth for something.

          Did you at least load the torrent on the torrent client and get the metadata (got the list of files)? that’s a good indication that the torrent is working.

          • Shuk

            I tried re-downloading Noragami (1080p) through magnet link and it worked…
            But I’ve waiting for 2 whole hours for Clannad and it’s still stuck on “Retrieving Metadata”!!!!!

  • Calvose Hire

    cant dl Ep 6 , 23 , ED and torrent doesnt seem to be working either

    • Wait for lambchopz to sort this out. Thank you for letting us know.

    • lambchopz

      New links up. Source is mentioned in the description.

  • Please Seed…. Stuck At 71.8%

    • lambchopz

      We always seed 24/7 at 1 Gb/s. But can only accept so many incoming connections.

  • lambchopz

    Files reuploaded (Sep 20, 2016 @ 02:50 EST)

  • Davincey

    1 and 2 seems to be broken. Can play till the middle or so but not till the end.

    • lambchopz

      Sorry didnt see this comment till now. It’s hard to keep track of every comment of all my posts every day.

  • DaDiv

    Episodes 1 and 2 broken at 10:13 till the end. Can you fix it?

    • lambchopz

      I’ll re-encode the files and reupload them. It seems like the OP and ED are fine, just incorrect CRC on the filename

  • lambchopz

    Files reuploaded (November 6th, 2016). Episode 01/02 fixed and CRC for OP/ED corrected

    • DaDiv

      Sankyuu! ^.^

    • Davincey

      Thanks for the reupload. Ep 10 and 14 are incomplete I guess. Plays but ends half way.

    • Shazam

      Can you please also do an english dubbed/dual audio batch for this one and its sequel?

  • Clinton Roe

    10 and 14 is still broken ? It seems like the size is still the same as the old one

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