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Banner Contest (Closed)

  • Submissions are now closed. Accepting submissions until March 11th. 


    First I want to thank everyone for their submissions.
    I appreciate the time you spent to create these banners for us.

    There were a few we liked but for now we are announcing a winner. We might announce an additional winner or two later (they have to add mosaics to some parts of their banners).

    And first place goes to…. Kuzen! His banner is attached below and is now on our site as the default banner.
    And I was kidding about the mosaics stuff btw.

    Thanks for all the submissions! If you would like any feedback on what the team thought of your submission please just let us know via discord, email, or in the comments below.

    Since the team is incapable of creating publicly viewable art and our current banner is a couple generations old, we decided to have a banner contest!

    We are asking our users to create a few banners that we can use on our site.



    1. Must be an image that is related to anime and is in a PNG format.

    2. Banners must be close to be these dimensions: 950×190. Though your banners can be slightly bigger than the requirement, note that we may crop your banner to match the given dimensions

    3. The text “gxs” or “project-gxs” must be present somewhere on the banner. DameDesuYo has some pretty good examples. I personally love how the UTW banners look.

    4. PM me (lambchopz#5648) on discord or email us at with a copy of your banner. Provide me with your name (nickname or first/last) and indicate if you would like to remain anonymous. Give me an email address if you do not prefer to be contacted via discord.



    If your banner is chosen we’ll let you pick an anime for us to encode. If both 720p and 1080p resolution is available we will encode them both.

    I will announce the banners that are chosen once submissions are closed.

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